Should Everybody Eat Halo Top Every Day?

This cream contains two sweeteners - erythritol and stevia - which replaces most of the sugar in traditional creams. This is widely used in the food industry, and is approved by the Food Safety Authority for health. However, there is some skepticism that these sweeteners can produce side effects such as exacerbation of irritable bowel syndrome.

Others say that Halo Top and other low-calorie creams actually make users gain weight. And some even questioned whether Halo Top could be considered ice cream when it contained too little fat from milk.

The future of Halo Top

Woolverton says the success of the Halo Top brand shows consumers are more intelligent than the companies think. The success of Halo Top also led to the launch of many other low-calorie ice cream brands. These include Unilever's Breyers Delight, Ben & Jerry's "Moo-Phoria", the UK-based startup Oppo.

Woolverton has also received several offers, including a $ 2 billion offer from Unilever. He rejected all of them, and instead, set a goal of global domination. His company debuted in the UK last year, and exported to a number of countries such as Australia and Singapore. The top-selling ice cream shop, Scoop Shops, has also opened in the United States.

Woolverton is confident that within five years, Halo Top will be one of the biggest ice cream brands in the world, alongside Ben & Jerry's.

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