32- 47 years old, you have 15 years' golden age, definitely have to do these things

1 - Learn to give up

This age no longer allows you to be dull, immature, when you are not qualified to hold a certain emotional, something, reality, learn to give up. Give yourself a new beginning, just trust, courage, effort, success will come.

2 - Appreciate friends

True friendship is considered to be the warmest warmth of human life. It is formed based on your dignity and personality, at this age must definitely cherish it, using the mind to hold.

3 - Honest soul sowing

Doing good deeds in your capacity, making those who are miserable than you, is harder than you feel the world is full of light and beauty. Honesty is often self-formed, not thinking calculations, so your life will be beautiful as flowers bloom.

4 - Love music

Music can nourish the mind, it will help to cleanse the body and mind, increase memory and imagination, bring peace and efficiency beyond imagination. It is just like the spice of life, bit by bit to make our lives more flavorful.

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