With the growing influence of big data, every small business owner and marketer

Social Media Strategies and Big Data

Big data has made marketing analytics more about the future predictions and the effects of the current strategies in the future. Predictive analysis is gaining popularity with the marketers and big data has a huge role to play in it. Not only can the marketers predict the consumer’s behavior, but they can also use the conclusions from their data analysis in various other indirect marketing methods, like split testing. The right analysis and adoption of big data will make sure that the strategy hits the target and gives a significant boost to ROI.

How to create a social media strategy with big data

To start, the unstructured data from the social media should be related with the structured data already available, like the customer details, to derive actionable insights with big data. From there, you can create a social media strategy based on the insights obtained. Chalk out the best possible strategy that encompasses the key factors to bring out consumer-driven results.

With the strategy ready in hand, now is the time to create the content. Come up with content that will resonate well with your customers. The content is crucial to determine the success of your strategy; hence it is important to spend time in drafting the content.

When the content is ready, it is time to target the customers. From the results of the analysis performed earlier, you can identify the section of consumers you need to target to get a spot-on result.

Lastly, it is the time for execution. Armed with the right content from the analysis, it is now time to check the effectiveness of the analysis and the strategy.

When your social media strategy has been executed, analyze it, gain insights and further use it to refine the process. As social media strategist Neal Schaffer asks when talking about social media ROI, "Did your social media efforts, at the end of the day, affect the entire corporate bottom line, and how did it positively or negatively contribute to it?" That is the most important result to glean from the social media campaigns or strategies implemented.

Big data plays a key role in bringing the social media marketing to the top of all marketing techniques. Whatever kind of marketing a company may employ, big data is playing a crucial part in each one of it.



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