Real estate Cam Ranh 'wake up waves' welcome air infrastructure

The International Terminal of Cam Ranh International Airport will complete Phase 1 by the end of June, 2018, which is considered one of the factors that will bring about a breakthrough in the local tourism market. Short-term. As planned, at the end of phase one, the project will be able to serve 2,000 visitors at peak hours and reach a capacity of 4 million visitors per year. With a capacity to welcome 8 million visitors per year in 2030, this is considered a kick for the Khanh Hoa tourism market in the long term.

Domestic and international airlines have been planning to launch new routes in the near future, aiming to diversify international tourists to Khanh Hoa. Apart from two big markets, Russia and China National. On March 25, Vietnam Airlines officially launches new route Nha Trang - Seoul (Korea) with the starting point is Cam Ranh International Airport.

Not only the aviation infrastructure, the quality of picking up visitors by boat is also better on quality of service. According to statistics of the Tourism Department, in 2017, Khanh Hoa welcomed 72 trips with 120,000 visitors. In particular, Cam Ranh International Port has received 11 train travel with more than 17,800 ashore contributing to increase the number of tourists to Khanh Hoa.

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